Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Greetings from snowy Minneapolis. The photo is from last year, but it looks the same outside right now. We finally got a before-Christmas snow to last awhile and help the holiday spirit (at least for me).
I will try to begin regular posts this week. When I started the blog last March, I had second thoughts about needing another 'hobby'. I had also started tearing down some wallpaper to begin redecorating and didn't get too far before the heat of summer set in. Except for the bathroom, this is the first such project in 27 years! So, after the new year, I will begin again on the walls and keep you updated on my progress - in words and pictures. In the meantime, I will post all the before pics. I'll also write about my card business, still in the planning stages, and post pics of greeting card designs, and other fun stuff.

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