Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve Eve! I've ordered my groceries online for delivery tomorrow. So my plans are set: a quiet evening at home with the feline friends. I have a couple Netflix films to watch. Maybe I'll put on the nature show that made Jazz go nuts. That should be good for a laugh (I wonder if I can get a video of her jumping at the TV as she did last time, and send it to YouTube?). I also plan to gather up all the ticket stubs and playbills from this year and TRY to put them in a scrapbook. Then it will be 25 more to go (scrapbooks that is). At least I'm in good company; even Martha Stewart admits she hasn't actually put any of her yearly ephemera into a book, but is saving it loose in labeled boxes or files.

The tag pictured here is one I made last year for a swap with friends. I made a color copy of a vintage postcard and added the 'celebrate' banner and the wax seal, along with a few touches of gold pen and glitter, a little torn paper in one corner, and the requisite brown ink along the edges to age it. In the new year, I won't be posting anymore previous card designs; from now on it will just be the new ones as they are made. I will continue to post 'before' pics of my redecorating project.

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