Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone! I had my quiet New Year's Eve and stayed up long enough to see and hear midnight. As usual, I opened my front door to hear the horns and whistles and see a few fireworks shot off by neighbors. The next day was the traditional breakfast at a restaurant with Mom and C, and bowling or mini golf. This year mini golf is back at the Mall of America, so we played 18 holes and I got my only hole-in-one on the last hole where it counts! It was good for a free round of golf in the future.

So, now it's time to pack up the Christmas ornaments and start the redecorating I've had planned. This photo shows the library north wall before I took the wallpaper off. It's a nice neutral leaf pattern that coordinates with the beige paper on the other 3 walls. Nothing too terrible about this color scheme, but after 28 years, it's definitely time for a change to color!

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