Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What is this? Last night, brother C and I attended a members-only party at Walker Art Center in conjunction with the Frido Kahlo exhibit. There was music, a buffet and a cash bar. Downstairs, we participated in an art project - open to all ages. To get inspiration, there was a double roulette-style wheel with words and phrases. The outer wheel gave a theme and the inner wheel a perspective. My spin gave me "you and the natural and/or animal world" and "close up". So, I looked through the art supplies and chose a 6x6" canvas board, craypas, a piece of fake fur and a green stone. C helped with the hot glue gun and this is what I came up with. Since there was a space on the back of the canvas for a title, I called it "Closer Look". It's hanging up on the wall of the art room with all the other works. Oops, I just remembered I didn't sign the front!

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture, especially the way the green stone was so "expertly" glued to the fur :) CDR