Saturday, February 16, 2008

The theme of Friday night's After Hours / Preview Party that C and I attended at the Walker Art Center was "Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes". In addition to the food, live music and full-length film, there was the art activity. We were challenged to use aerial maps of suburban communities to make an abstract creation by tracing features of the map on acetate and gluing paper, yarns, screens, etc onto cardstock. This was another 10-minute piece like the one I did at the last party. The map I chose looked like a face to me. I glued mylar where the eyes and mouth would be (that's what's causing the glare). This time I remembered to sign the front and write my name on the back. As for the title, any suggestions? (click on the photo to see some of the materials I used up close).
Edit: Suggestion #1 is "hidden faces".

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Jailbird said...

what a fun inspiring art activity! My suggestion is 'hidden faces' - what do you think?