Friday, February 22, 2008

Very soon I hope to start posting progress reports of my bungalow redecorating. The wallpaper removal has been delayed by various re-organizing projects and sinus woes.

But for now, let me introduce you to two of my house-mates. That's Cubby on the left, and Jazz. They were left on a co-worker's doorstep almost 3 years ago as tiny kittens. He brought them to work and I adopted them on the spot! I had been thinking of getting Zane another friend because he seemed to be harrassing Harley mercilessly! Although brother and sister, he outweighs her by a few pounds and she is so peace-loving indoors that I began to feel sorry for her (outside is another story - she is a huntress of whatever moves within her leash area, and will fight Zane if he initiates it). Zane does indeed have more friends to play with; unfortunately, they all chase after Harley! But they're also nice to her, washing her head and cuddling up on the bed with her. The kittens will be 3 in June. Zane and Harley will be 10 on April Fool's Day. I'll post pics of them soon.

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