Wednesday, March 19, 2008

King For A Day. My oldest nephew turns 25 in two weeks. This is his card, featuring a clipart crown with tiny plastic jewels glued to the top, Rockstar cardstock (DCWV brand), an oval punched through the front, and metallic cardstock (also DCWV) inside. I inked the card edges and inside the oval with purple ink to cover up any white c/s. The PC-generated caption inside says: "Happy 25th Birthday, GR. May You Be...King For A Day". I wasn't sure the metallic cardstock would take the printer ink, and it did look wet coming out if the printer, but I fired up the heat gun and dried it in a second. A very easy card; the hardest part was lining up the caption inside with the oval window.

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Becky said...

Nice card...I'm sure he'll like it!!