Thursday, March 06, 2008

An update on my "March Forth" progress. I designed a card to sell - that was one of my goals. But I can't show it to you yet. As soon as I make a few more and post them in my Etsy shop, I'll let you know.

This card was another SCS challenge, a triple challenge! I used the sketch from a couple weeks ago, paper I'd designed on the PC, and scraps. The chipboard flower and leaf were sent to me on another card. I removed them and added the stamped design as well as the 'happy' sticker. It was a fun and easy card!

The PC-paper was designed in Word. Each leaf is actually a Wingding in a large font size. They can be inserted onto the page in 4 different orientations, so I positioned them to appear as if they form little circles across 2 rows. The color is what completes the pattern. Once a few rows are done, copy and paste really speeds up the process.


trulyblessed said...

Love the card......I incorporate alot of puter stuff (backgrounds, elements, fonts) in my cards....didn't start taking pics of them till recently though

Jean said...

Cheryl this is wonderful!

Sandi Berg said...

Very cute! Love the idea of using wingdings!