Friday, April 11, 2008

Whale Tail. I just have to share one highlight of my Hawaii trip with you. Last Saturday night, Mom, CR and I took a cocktail cruise at sunset off the west coast of Maui. The cruise was put on by Pacific Whale Foundation, but it was not a whale-watching cruise. So, it was a complete surprise when we started seeing several whales nearby. I had been whale-watching in California 18 years ago and had gotten glimpses of them spouting and a bit of their backs and tails - enough to know I'd seen whales. But, without a video camera and lots of patience, I wasn't able to take home a photo. Now, in the digital age, with all of our little cameras video-ready, I got this film complete with cocktail-cruise music in the background and the sound of excitement from me and the other passengers. See what you think.

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