Monday, May 19, 2008

An impromptu trip "up north" (as we Minnesotans say) on Thursday with Aunt C.
I took a photo of this tree one year and used it on my Christmas card. Don't you love how it stretches so far out over the water and causes such an artistic reflection?

The photo below is the dock jutting out into water of Lake Nebagamon (Wisconsin). You can see from the tree color - really, lack of color - across the lake that Spring is slow in coming. But we had excellent warm weather for the day-and-a-half we were there.

A tiny plant making its way up through the leafy ground cover.

And the view to the right of the dock showing the mirror-like surface of the morning lake.


Danyelle Kessler said...

It sure is pretty "up there". My knowledge of MN begins and ends with PRINCE.

Lizette said...

Great photos !
I live in Ontario, just north of Toronto in what's commonly called "cottage country". People often say they're "goin' up north" and that's where I live :)

Sarah said...

GET OUT. Something this beautiful exists in Wisconsin? lol.. I guess I must be living on the wrong (read: flat, boring) side of the state!!!

Great pics!