Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Hawaii Photos. It's been awhile since I posted photos from our trip to Hawaii in April. I'm still in the process of editing and "enhancing" them before I print a selection for an album.
This is the view of the road from our rental apartment to Lahaina. It's the southwest edge of Maui.

We parked our car and took a self-guided walking tour of Lahaina. This is the remains of an old fort.

The famous banyan tree - what you see is all one plant. There's one in Santa Barbara like this. I'm not sure which is larger. I took a photo of the Santa Barbara tree when I was a teenager and I remember asking Dad to "move out of the picture".
This tree is too large to capture in one frame, because moving further and further back just brings buildings into the shot that obscure the tree.

Mom and C in the banyan tree. Everyone was posing this way, although a sign said "no climbing".

And another beautiful native plant that I can't identify. KR, if you see this, let me know :)

EDIT: Carol left a comment and identified the flower as Plumeria. Thanks, Carol.


Carol said...

The flowre is all time fave, normally a pinkish yellow

Jessica said...

Gorgeous pictures of hawaii! I would love to see that tree in person!