Monday, July 14, 2008

[Edit: When I first posted this, the statue photo was after the Falls, and later it was missing. So, I've reposted the photo, but I can't get it back in order. Just so you know... :)]
Norway Day at Minnehaha Park. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Sunday I went to Minnehaha Park to check out Norway Day, a small festival of music, food and crafts for sale. The park has long been a family destination. In fact, we'll be back here in a few weeks for our annual summer picnic. Despite our somewhat dry summer, you can see the water over the falls is flowing forcefully. Just upstream, this statue sits in a secluded spot, with the plaque that shows it's been there almost 100 years! I had thought there was another plaque with the Longfellow poem, "Song of Hiawatha", but I didn't see it. Here is the familiar part of it:

By the shores of Gitche Gumee*,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
Stood the wigwam of Nokomis,
Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis.
Dark behind it rose the forest,
Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees,
Rose the firs with cones upon them;
Bright before it beat the water,
Beat the clear and sunny water,
Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water.

*Gitche-Gumee refers to Lake Superior

The pavilion has been here for ages, but the Sea Salt restaurant on the east end is a recent addition. The other side is an indoor picnic area.

It was a beautiful day to sit outside and listen to some Norwegian music, although I don't speak a word of the language. The MC told a few Lena and Ole' jokes, and informed us that North Dakota has the largest Norwegian population in the country. I had always heard it was Minnesota, but I wonder if it's still true that there are more Norwegians in MN than in Norway!? It took me several tries to take a photo that included both flags, because it was so breezy. As I walked away, I saw 2 women holding the U.S. flag, so it wouldn't hit the choir, so that explains why the Norwegian flag was the only one flapping wildly!

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Danyelle Kessler said...

What a beautiful place MN is? My whole frame of reference for the state was from the movie Purple Rain and that was a pretty seedy view of Minneapolis. You know what I plan to do with that first picture? INSPIRATION PHOTO OP!