Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stockholm, Wisconsin. Brother C and I took a Sunday drive down the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River, crossed over at Wabasha, and drove north through some quaint little towns on the Wisconsin side. The town we stopped in was Stockholm, where there was an art fair and music in the park by Lake Pepin. Gelly's is where we ate lunch before we realized there was some interesting - and cheap - food for sale in the park, but I had no complaints with my tuna salad sandwich and gazpacho. It was a warm - uh hot - day, except near the lake, where it was nice and breezy.
It was a trip we'll want to repeat in the fall, so we can try out some of the other restaurants we passed by, and perhaps spot some eagles soaring over Lake Pepin. Oh, by the way, one town on the lake, Lake City, Minnesota, is the home of the invention of waterskiing! Minnesota is also where rollerblading began, so I guess there are a lot of ideas brewing over our long winters that take shape during our short summers!

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