Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday In The Park, Part 3. After my tour through Stevens House, I headed for my car and snapped these pics on the way. This is the Minnehaha Train Depot on the west side of the park. It's one of my favorite little buildings and I'm so glad it has been spared from demolition all these years. According to what I read inside, it saw a lot of activity during WWII, when troops were shipping out, and was closed in the 60's.

Nice details and colors. I don't know if they followed the original color scheme.

The photo below shows the new and the old - see the roof of the depot on the far left as the Light Rail train comes flying past on the right. [On a side note, the Minneapolis Star Tribune held a naming contest when Light Rail was getting ready to open. I thought they were going to pick a nickname like San Francisco's BART, or even the Tube in London. Whatever happened to that?)

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