Sunday, August 31, 2008

Loon Stamp. Here's the loon I stamped at the State Fair (see last post). I cut it out when I got home, rounded the corners and attached it with foam tape to the light blue cardstock strip (stamped with an All Night Media stamp). The paper on the left is by DCWV, and the paper on the right is another shade of blue stamped with the leaf from SU's Watercolor Garden set. The "celebrate" is a metal tag. The card is also for an SCS challenge to use "something old, something new, borrowed and blue.
State Fair Scrapbook. Last day of August already! I don't have to ask where the time went this summer, with Brother C's surgery and Mom's broken ankle.
I managed to go to the MN State Fair Friday and wore myself out with all the walking, looking and eating. It was a beautiful day, which brought out the crowds, so I'm glad I got there early. I was able to look at the Fine Arts and the Creative Activities and the Sesquicentennial exhibit in relative comfort, then leave by 3PM. Besides my food purchases, I usually don't shop much. The "virtual" scrapbook page on the left shows a sun/moon ornament from Mexico, a little mitten Christmas ornament made by a local craftswoman, my ticket and the Sesqui pin I bought in the Big Top Chautauqua all laid out on a rubber stamped paper Minnesota. The rubber stamping was an all-ages activity to make your own MN hat. There was a headband on the bottom that I stamped all around with loons, but I used them on a card (see next post).
Mom Update: She's recuperating in a nursing home after a bout with pnemonia, but doing well aside from boredom and impatience to GO HOME! Get well, Mom :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alive and well. Just a quick post to tell everyone I'll be posting something new very soon. But right now I'm assisting Mom as she recovers from a broken ankle. She lost her footing last Monday and fell on the (carpeted) floor of her basement. My brothers and SIL, plus Mom's sister C and I have been taking turns helping her use a walker; she can't put any weight on her broken foot. She had surgery Friday morning to put a pin in the break. I've stayed several nights at Mom's and she doesn't have high speed internet, so it would be almost impossible to update my blog from there. Sooooo, that's the scoop. I'll try to get another post done tomorrow. Stay well, everyone! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Etsy Update. The Fall Leaves card is the latest addition to my Etsy shop ( It's the first in a new series. I'll be adding a Halloween and a Christmas card to that series soon. Look at the Scenic series in my shop. The 3 designs would look great framed together and I'll be adding more to that series as well. I think enough for a 6-window or 9-window frame would be nice.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I do, I do!! Ever since the show began, I've watched and wished to be a contestant. Some years ago, when the show included a 'fastest finger' segment, one method of auditioning began with calling a 1-800 number, then - if you managed to get through - answering trivia questions with your phone's keypad. I believe I got to that point one or two times, but never heard anything about whether I was even in the running.

Today, the show producers were in town and cousin S emailed me that I should go try out, especially since the questions were on movies - my favorite hobby. As it turned out, two written tests were given; one on movies and one on general knowledge. When I arrived after 9AM, there were about 300 people in line and we were told that a group of about 350 would take the test all at once, so the wait wasn't too long. Each of us received a magnet with a number written on it for ID purposes. We sat side-by-side in rows of chairs and took a 10-minute, 30-question movie quiz by penciling in a multiple choice test form. Remember those from school? Then we handed in our tests and answers and were given another 30-question test to fill in, this one on general trivia.

When all the tests were finished, they were taken away to be graded, while we waited and received some free goodies. The coupon for a discounted breakfast at the casino where the test was held wasn't too useful, since the buffet was ending about the time our test was over. But they tossed t-shirts over our heads for us to grab (because they didn't have enough for everyone), and the guy next to me stood up, caught one and gave it to me. I guess it pays to laugh at a guy's dumb jokes! :)

The tests were graded, and one of the producers told us to listen for our ID number to be read. There were 3 groups: those that had passed the movie quiz, those that had passed the general quiz, and those that had passed both. The actual test score was never revealed, nor even the number out of 30 needed to pass. The first group announced was those who had passed both tests...of 350 people, maybe 10 or less numbers were read. See the photograph - that's one of the numbers - I passed BOTH tests!!

Everyone who had passed a test (about 35 people in my group) was given a card to come back later that day for an interview. We also had our photos taken so the producers could remember who was who later, and an application to fill out. I had almost 3 hours before I had to return and didn't plan on spending it in a smoky (although beautiful) casino, so I drove to the local Subway, ate lunch and filled out my questionnaire. I was asked to describe myself, tell why I want to be on the show, what I would do with the money, and - for the movie section - how many movies I see, favorite movie memory, etc. When I returned, the interview was very brief, and, since my name was the first called (is that significant? I don't know), I was out of there quickly.

There is no decision on who will be chosen from today's contestants. We'll be notified by mail in a couple weeks, and even if I passed the interview portion, my name will be put on a list of available contestants for up to 2 years.
But, it was fun, and I'm glad I finally got a chance to try out.

PS, if I'm not supposed to post a photo with the "Millionaire" logo, let me know and I will delete it.

Edit: Sep 2, 2008 - I finally received a postcard today stating I'm NOT a contestant. Oh well :(

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Beijing Olympics. Here's a link to some great photos of the opening ceremonies. I was going to post this earlier, and then got the sad news that a well-known Minnesota family suffered a tragedy while in Beijing with their daughter and son-in-law (who's an Olympic coach). The link to that story is below.

Opening Ceremonies

Bachman Family

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Candy Corn Costume. It's been awhile since I made a Splitcoaststampers challenge card. This one looks simple enough now that it's finished, but I couldn't get the triangle sections to work with various stamps and patterned papers until I finally came up with this combo.The penguin by Imaginisce was stamped 3 times so I could paper-piece his little swim trunks. He's going to a masquerade party dressed as candy corn, and he didn't even have to wear a costume for the white part of the candy! I drew and cut out his little mask, edged it in silver glitter gel pen (Sakura) and glued it to a bit of wire. He and the mask are popped up on foam tape over corner-punched orange c/s over black c/s. The black print paper is DCWV and the orange c/s triangles were stamped with Making Memories foam stamps.

Part 2 - Duluth. It wasn't until I was an adult, having lived my whole life in one state, that I 'discovered' that we Minnesotans have our own version of the ocean close by. I had been to Duluth several times growing up, but I had also been to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on family vacations and I always thought that was the one thing missing from the midwest. Then, one day I suddenly realized how like an ocean Lake Superior really is. C and I actually drove all around it several years ago and saw water the color of the Caribbean.

So, there's a place to see ships and lighthouses and lift-bridges. The top photo is a coast Guard ship. The left photo is an anchored tanker that's open for tours.

Even the pedestrian bridge is a lift-bridge! If it's up, you can always walk a couple blocks around the tanker to get back to the other side.

C stopped along the boardwalk to read the Lake Superior stats. I know it's the largest fresh-water lake in the world by surface area (not by total volume). See the lighthouses in the background.

Here's the lift-bridge going up. In the forground is a little gift shop made from the pilot house of a boat (I think that's what it is! :) )

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tall Ships. My busy weekend started with a trip to Duluth on Saturday to see several tall sailing ships visiting from other ports (Baltimore was one). Mom, C and I drove up for the day and walked around the harbor area. We skipped buying tickets for the tour of the ships because the lines were a bit too long. Instead, we ate at the famous Grandma's (restaurant) and took a short stroll on the boardwalk.

This structure is the bandshell in Canal Park. I haven't been to a concert there, but the setting is very inviting.
Next door is the Great lakes Aquarium, another place to put on my 'to visit' list!