Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Weekend

I try to keep Christmas from creeping into my calendar before Thanksgiving, but Bachman's was having their annual open house this weekend, and that included the arrival of Santa. He looked so authentic and traditional in his full outfit. I wasn't able to get a photo of him until he arrived at his "house" (inside the store) and he had already taken off his coat.
I split a photo in two to avoid the cardinal sin of photography: placing an object dead center in the frame. There was a lamp right in the middle of the original photo. Now, it's just two views of Santa's living room.

Children were posing on his lap for photos in between several performances of a short play put on by Santa and his elf - something about Rudolph's nose.

Today was lunch at The Olive Garden with the ladies in the family, and my friend AJ. I had the endless salad, and was then treated to chocolate cake brought out by the OG staff, singing. I guess I didn't know any places that still did that. AJ caught it all on her video camera. If I don't look too weird, I'll try to get her to post it here.

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