Wednesday, November 12, 2008

City Turkey. Last month when Aunt C and I walked around Lk H, we detoured through the nearby neighborhood. This is what we saw! I don't know if this is a wild turkey or someone's pet. When we first spotted it, he (she?) was on the porch. This is one more reason I love my compact Canon. I carry it with me everywhere every day and have gotten some unexpected photos with it. If only I'd had it the day we saw a deer IN the lake! Of course, we don't need a picture to remember the experience, but I'd love to be able to show you what we saw: There was a strange shape bobbing along in the water towards shore, and at first we couldn't identify it. But as it came closer, we realized it was the head of a deer and she (no antlers) was swimming toward shore. When she got to the walled edge, she jumped out, ran across the boulevard and across the parkway, disappearing into the wooded area nearby. If there hadn't been a wet trail across the path, I think we would have thought we'd imagined the whole thing. I love urban living, with nature close by.

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