Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inspiration in Everyday Objects

Some people sing in the shower; I brainstorm. Two weeks ago, I noticed how nice the different colors of soap looked together. And all of a sudden, a design for my Christmas cards popped into my head. Since my trip to Hawaii in April, I'm still being inspired by all things ocean blue and sea green. My original design even had shell and starfish shapes, but I simplified it and I think it works. As I was storing these little vases to make way for Christmas ornaments, I realized they were very much like the soap colors.
I didn't start the cards right away. I couldn't decide between my "vision" or the next card in the "12 Days of Christmas" series I've been drawing on and off for the last 10 years. I know some of you look forward to seeing the next one, but when December arrives and I haven't even started the sketch, the pressure can really sap my creativity. I'll admit last year was an exception. I went from sketch to mailed cards in a few days. I finally decided to go ahead with the paper-cutting idea, partly because it represents the style of card I've been designing most of the year.
The finished card is made up of 2 punched-out trees, a punched deer, a punched star, and hand cut hill and large tree. The large tree is a blown-up copy of the small tree. I punched out a tree, put it on my copier and scaled it up to make a template. I'll admit my drawn cards would have been easier; after the drawing is done, it's just a copier project. But I'm happy with the result, and I've even thought of a 3-D project with the same design. (All the paper punches are by Martha Stewart.)
You can see some of the cardstock textures in this close-up. The star is pre-glittered cardstock. Let me know what you think!

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Lisa L. said...

I received this card today and thought it was breathtakingly beautiful!! What a work of art using all the punches you did; and the colors are so different and striking from the usual Christmas colors... Very inspired, creative, lovely card, Clee!