Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lane of Red Cedars

Last weekend when the temperatures were below zero, I intended to stay inside and work on various projects. Toward late afternoon, I discovered the cats were out of food and I hadn't shoveled the new snow from my driveway or started my car for two days. So, I decided to just walk a few blocks to a little convenience store. With 2 pairs of pants and socks, 2 sweaters, and my warmest gloves, I made it to the store and back in about an hour, including just a few minutes inside. There was a bit of wind, forcing me to pull my scarf up and fog up my glasses, but it was great to be outside in the crisp, fresh air. Along the way, I passed this street. It is one I drive by frequently, but it looked especially beautiful with the snow-covered cedar trees. It wasn't until today that I was able to drive back and snap this shot. We've had even more snow since that day, so the scene looks much the same.

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