Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Class Photo Day

You know it's hard to get good pet photos, so when I saw that each of the cats (except for Harley) had chosen to "pose" on a pile of boxes I was moving, I ran for my camera. Pose #1 - Jazz looking down.
Pose # 2 - she's looking to the side like the proper senior picture pose.

Pose #3 - Can you tell that's Zane now? He has a little gray mustache that Jazzy doesn't have.

Last, an "art" photo of Cubby. His shot came out a bit blurry, so I used my free Kodak software and turned it into cartoon mode. And what do you think of that funky wallpaper? The previous owner installed it on two walls of the kitchen. It's actually a papered wallboard. I'll gain 1/4 inch when I remove it!

1 comment:

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

What beauties! Jazz would be great in commercials if she (he) poses that well!

Great pics!