Friday, January 16, 2009

Crafts From The Past

I got word today that this bracelet I sold through my Etsy shop made it to its buyer in Canada. She left me some positive feedback and wrote that she really liked it and can't wait to wear it this summer. So, I'm quite happy about not only making a sale, but the fact that someone will be using and enjoying an item that was just taking up space in my home AND an item I made more than 30 years ago.
I'm also happy to the point of tears over the news that everyone survived the plane landing (not crashing) in the Hudson River. A story like that might reinforce many people's fears of flying, but I have a love of planes and flying that dates back to the summer I was 15. It was the year I took Ground School as a summer school subject (yes, I loved school enough to go every summer by choice). Ground School is the classroom part of obtaining a pilot's license, but our class got to go up in small (4-seat) planes in groups of three, plus the pilot. We each got a turn at the controls also and that was thrilling! It was my first time in any type of plane and I still remember how wonderful it felt to fly close enough to the ground to see tiny cars moving along and the feeling that I could reach out a scoop up a handful of trees and houses.

When I heard that Capt. Sullenberger, the pilot of the "ditched" plane, had been flying since the 70s, I had a feeling he might be my age. And he is - 57, just two years older. It's hard to imagine what it felt like to be in his situation before or after the successful landing on water. It's no surprise that he seems so humble. Only a calm, level-headed, experienced pilot could have pulled that off! There's talk of a ticker-tape parade for all the heroes of the day and, with all the bad news we hear most days, that's a great idea!

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Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

What a gorgeous ring! Who'd of thought needlepoint (or peti-point).

I'm with you on the plane in the Hudson. I was born & raised NY so this struck home for me. Boy, that Captain - heck that whole plane - had angels carrying it to safety. It sure reinforces your belief in GOD & HIS angels! (tho' my belief never wavered).

Your s&p sets are nice, too.

Keeping you in my prayers on finding a job soon.!