Friday, January 16, 2009

Decorating With Collectibles

Any day now (when I find a job), I will get back to stripping wallpaper and painting and decorating my bungalow. One of the few areas in the house that's been semi-finished for awhile is my salt and pepper shaker collection. In a little bump-out in one kitchen wall, I put up 3 ledges to display about 3/4 of my sets. I tried to choose my favorites and those that fit a theme: fruit and vegetables.
The two sets above fit into the basket category. Most of the shakers are antiques that I inherited from my grandfather and step-grandmother. The one on the left is an antique I bought. I have several sets that are 3-piece like this. The set on the right was new store-bought.
These pigs are among my very favorites. If you look for this style, you'll find various sizes of similar design and even cookie jars all by the same company.

Is this not the cutest thing? I threw it in here just because I'm packing away my Christmas ornaments and I always take a photo of all the new ones I buy each year. I've cut way back on ornaments in recent years, but I was tempted to buy many more of these little 2" bell-leg figures. Bachman's (the nursery/flower store) had other cat designs as well as Santas. I really restrained myself, but if I'd remembered to check out the after-Christmas sale, I would probably have succumbed to my hunting/gathering instincts!


JessicaLynn said...

Those look adorable on the wall!! I just love it!! Have a great day!

Jessica Lynn

Liz said...

Wow cheryl! Thanks for leaving this link, I loved seeing your collection!