Monday, February 16, 2009

Art Shanty Projects - Part 1

On Saturday, my brother C and I drove out to Medicine Lake to see the last day of the Art Shanties. There were over 20 ice-shack-like structures, each with its own theme.
K-ICE (above) is a micro-radio station, broadcasting to Medicine Lake

We got our photo taken in the Snap Shot Shack. When I checked their website early today (Monday), it had not been posted, but go to to see other attendees from this year and last.

The confessional was covered by "confessions" written by participants who found paper forms inside. Here, most of the bottom of the shanty has been cleared of past confessions to make way for new ones. I forgot to peek inside. Saturday was the last day of the exhibit, and a cold day on the lake, so sometimes the shacks were quite crowded - but toasty-warm!

Here's the Dance Shanty. And C dancing (right when the music ended). I'll be back with more later.

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