Friday, February 20, 2009

Art Shanty Projects - Part 2

I'll be back later with more details, but I wanted to quickly post the next set of Art Shanty photos. has the full story. And has a nice map of the shanty locations on the ice. These are the dIcehouses, the insides stocked with all sorts of games to play.

C outside the Nemo Shanty/U.S.S Walter Mondale (above). I didn't go inside because of the step-stool access that made me a little leary - just one more way to fall when I was already having a tough time staying upright on the frozen lake :). (C, send me a link to your pic of the inside, if you wish). Penguin on a flagpole (below) with a kite flying by.

Biology shanty (above). Inside, we found out we were standing on only 4 feet of lake, 3 feet of which is frozen! No chance of falling through here. Imperial Transantartic Expedition shanty (below). If this one looks like an overturned boat, it's meant to! It represents the rowboat that Ernest Shackleton and his 27-man crew used to survive one winter between 1914 and 1917 at the South Pole.

Sweat & Drink, Inc (above) - a sauna where I didn't dare take my camera. I was already having second thoughts about the cold/hot conditions to which I was subjecting the electronics. C - any pics? The Art Post (below) - claims to be the world's only post office on ice. Inside, I used the free stamps and supplies to make a postcard, and sent it to Mom. I forgot to sign it, but she recognized my handwriting :) The round shanty to the right in the photo is the Knitting Shanty. Photo of the inside in the next post.

ArtCar Taxi Shanty (below) -"art car" taxi service from the parking lot to the shanties every weekend. One of the art cars is visible to the left in this photo. Bratwurst for sale outside.

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