Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Inside and Out

Spring has a feeling, a look and a fragrance. The last three days were all about the feeling. There's still snow on the ground, though quickly receding with the 50-and 60-degree temps we've been having. There's still ice on the lakes, though the ice shacks have been removed and the ice is turning the gray shade it turns just before it melts. But, it FEELS like Spring when I can open my windows and turn off the furnace, at least in the daytime. And it FEELS like Spring when I have to take off my jacket while walking around the lake.
But, for the LOOK of Spring, we in the north will have to wait several months until the outdoors looks like the Park at MOA (Mall of America) right now!

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Stef H (GlitterbabeGreetings) said...

I love the MOA! Had loads of fun and, surprisingly, so did hubby! We were there about 4 years ago. My, my, where does the time go????

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!