Sunday, April 05, 2009

Off To Work I Go

I held off posting this card until I had mailed it to my cousins S&J for their anniversary last week. S told me she loved the colors, so we have that in common. I'm comfortable with just about any color combo, but am partial to blues and greens because of the water/sky connection. If I could live ON a lake or ocean without leaving Minnesota, I'd be happy. Living a few blocks from a lake is almost as good, and I don't have to worry about floods or tidal waves! The card was made with Martha Stewart punches, a Fiskars "wave" punch, shell and starfish stamps and a PC-generated quote from the book of Luke.

As for the title of this post, I GOT A JOB!! I was just notified Friday of a 3-month temp job that starts Monday (tomorrow)! Being an optimist is a bit hard when resume after resume gets sent out into the "web-o-sphere" never to be seen again, and eliciting no responses. But, after my 2-week allergy/sinus attack was over, I finally took the assessment tests at AppleOne on Wednesday and dropped off an updated resume. Friday was my "D-day", when I was going to call them and every other agency I knew of to strongly urge them to FIND ME A JOB! Before I had a chance, AppleOne called me, so maybe that IS the result of positive thinking - and prayer!

I'll continue to blog and run my Etsy shop part-time. In fact, one business expert says this is a great time to start or grow a small business because "big" is out and small is in. She offered some tips for success, all of which I will be working on in the next several weeks. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support during my job-hunt.


Lisa said...

So pm me and tell me about your new job please! Congratulations; I hope the job won't interfere with your creativity -- lol :)

Number One Novels said...

That's a beautiful card. Congratulations on the job, but definitely keep doing your creative stuff!