Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paris Egg

I thought this would be an appropriate day to post a photo of one of my fave salt and pepper shakers. It's unique in my collection. I found it in a little shop at the TOP of the Eiffel Tower when G and I went there on his graduation trip in 2001. It starts out as an egg....

.....then opens to reveal a chick inside! The chick is the shaker (it can be taken out of the egg), so I have to assume it is the pepper shaker, and that the empty egg is a salt cellar.

One side note - I have talked to several people who have been to Paris, but did not take the elevator up to check out the view from the tower. That was because they were visiting someone, and apparently Parisians consider the trip up too touristy. The view of Paris spread out for miles was reward enough, but adding the little S&P shaker to my collection was a definite bonus!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

This is just adorable! It's so neat that you got it at the Eiffel Tower. Perfect to show at Easter; a great blog contribution :)