Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Mom, Aunt C, brother D and I visited Fort Snelling National Cemetery today. Dad was buried there 25 years ago next month (I'm planning a post about him on June 7). Mom's dad, her grandfather, my dad's uncle George and Aunt C's husband all served in wartime, but none died in a war, for which we are thankful! On this weekend each year, we take the opportunity to remember all our relatives - military or not - who've died.
Dad would've loved seeing these old cars that were parked in the lot of Bridgeman's where we ate lunch. Hard to believe, but these cars weren't old when Dad was a kid!

D - see what you missed when you didn't come with us?

The decorations make me long for an old-fashioned small-town parade :)
(I didn't mention the card because it was very basic - 3 buttons, 2 patterned papers and a word stamp - done! - the sketch was from SCS)


Lisa said...

How neat! I always will remember being at Lake Nokomis for a picnic, watching cars go by and asking Uncle Frank "What kind of car is that? and that one? and that one?" And he knew every one! Recently one of my children was asking about what kind of car that was and I said..."Uncle Frank would have known..." I like your simple, meaningful card, too.

Kendra said...

Nice card & COOL CARS!!!!