Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Kind Of Town

It's been over 10 years since I worked in downtown Minneapolis and a lot has changed. In fact, a detour due to a change in some major streets led me to discover this beautiful area on my way to work this morning. My first bus had to take a different route, causing me to miss my connecting bus, so I walked the rest of the way. I've already walked the 10 blocks several times, so I know the route well, but my bus dropped me off a block north, and I discovered one of the newer residential areas I've heard about!
It was a beautiful, fragrant morning, making my adventure all the more memorable. Of course, I didn't have enough time to take any photos before work, so these were taken on my way home.

This is the warehouse district, so there's an interesting combination of new and re-purposed buildings.
The building above looks restored, but non-residential. Next time, I'll have to get a closer look at the Creamette Company building (below) to see what it is now.

In the courtyard of one complex - one of my favorite flowering trees....another one I can't name! The flowers have an unmistakeable spicy scent

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Anonymous said...

It's fun to be able to go adventuring in your own home town! Reminds me of exploring unknown places in HK.