Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blue Sewing Needle

Every time I tried to get close enough to take "his" picture, this little dragonfly flitted away. I could have run inside for my Konica with the longer zoom, but I might have missed the shot altogether. I wouldn't have minded if he'd landed on my arm so I could have gotten REALLY close. Reminds me of how afraid I used to be of most bugs and how my childhood girlfriends and I used to call dragonflies "sewing needles". Now, I'm rather fond of them since they are so colorful and often found around water. Unfortunately, my cats also love dragonflies from a catch-and-eat point of view. I've seen them leap four feet in the air to bring down a tasty snack!

[8-21-2013 edit: I have found the actual names of some dragonflies are "green darner" and blue-eyed darner", so my childhood fear of them was not altogether silly.  If adults give scary names to things, what do they expect?] I walked around Lk H last Saturday before the heat set in. This tree on the north side is loaded with fragrant flowers, but I'm not sure what it is - a Linden? Let me know if you know (click on the photo to enlarge it).


Lisa said...

What a striking insect, an amazing creation. You got a great closeup.

Kendra said...

Cool colouring on that dragon fly!!! Very nice pic :)