Monday, July 20, 2009

Egrets Only

Sunday was another beautiful day for a walk at Centennial Lakes, a man-made lake/park/shopping complex. Mom and I made one loop around - a mile-point-something - and saw this egret. He (she?) let me get pretty close. This was taken with just 3x zoom. The flowers below look like little fans.

Cattails are just one of the tall grass and reed plants near the water.

The next two photos were taken a different day - for my sister-in-law, K, to identify. I was surprised to see morning-glory type flowers growing all over a small patch of grass that I pass on my way to my evening bus.

The patch has been mowed, but it sure was pretty while it lasted.

Edit: K wrote this - "Cheryl - If the impression you got was morning glory and those were the white flowers it could either be "moonflower", the afternoon blooming m.g. or, more likely, a plant called "bindweed". Both would be cousins of m.g. - K"

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