Friday, August 28, 2009

Paper To Play With

My prize package from Papercrafts arrived today! It's paper, stickers and designer chipboard by Cosmo Cricket. The creative wheels in my head are already turning - you can see why.
Aren't the colors fabulous and retro? With the movie, "Julie and Julia" in theaters, the kitchen themed designs couldn't be more timely (not saying that was intentional). There's even a chipboard salt and pepper set! I think I will check out the Papercraft Challenges to get me started on some card ideas. There may even be something in it for you, my readers :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wild (Urban) Kingdom

Last week was a rainy one, complete with tornado warnings and a several touchdowns that caused a fair amount of damage, but no injuries! So, the weekend was all the more beautiful by contrast, and I spent quite a few hours outside doing yardwork.

This large (maybe 4-inch wingspan) dragonfly let me take a few photos before flitting off.

Here's a surprise - a red fox sighting behind the Edina Target store! I was walking down the path when I spotted him crossing a dozen yards ahead of me. Two teens on bikes stopped to let him pass! Nobody got too close, but he didn't seem afraid of us. In fact, he sat down on the path in front of the boys to lick himself before proceeding on.

I zoomed in for a couple shots, and cropped them as well to see more detail. The bottom photo was left as-is to give you an idea how close I really was to my first red-fox-in-the-city sighting. As I walked on, I had a feeling I should call Animal Control because the fox was heading deeper into busy, trafficked areas and in danger of being hit by a car. A little while later, I saw an Animal Control vehicle headed in the right direction, so I don't think that was a coincidence. I'm just telling everyone: if you hear of a red fox being hit by a car or hurt in any way, don't tell me about it. I can't even bear to see animals fake-hurt in movies!

End Of An Era

You may have seen me write that I've been taking the bus this summer, but I don't believe I told you what happened to my car. (Btw, that peeling-paint wall belongs to my neighbor).

Last April, a week and a half after starting a temp job downtown, the rear axle on my Grand Am broke. I had just made it to work that day, cautiously driving with a strange wobbly feeling that had started in the steering. I called the local repair shop for a tow, they took it to the shop and later informed me of the broken axle (which in turn, broke the brake line, thankfully AFTER the tow) and the repair costs. As much as I wanted to see the odometer turn over to 200,000 (with less than 7000 miles to reach that goal!), I couldn't afford to fix the axle, not to mention buying the tires it needed or the new alternator. So, I had it towed home, and there it's been sitting until last week when I finally decided to junk it.

As you can see, the body would have needed a bit of work too :) But, it was a really nice car and I will miss driving it. My brother, David, bought it new in 1992, and sold it to me in 2002, making it the newest car I've ever owned (my 1965 Thunderbird was 12 years old when I bought it from Dad, and the 1983 Mercury Marquis was also 12 when I bought it from Mom!).

Now that GM announced the end of its Pontiac division, it really is the end of an era.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry, no picture today. Working seriously cuts into my blogging time :)

Check out this website (if you're interested in papercrafts):

Moxie Fab World

I left a comment to win some products from a company called Cosmo Cricket - and I won! When I receive the package, I will surely be inspired to create something, and I will post it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bring On The Bling

To-do list for after work: take out garbage and recycling for tomorrow, feed cats, make salmon, potatoes and beans (or corn-on-the-cob) for supper, clean cat boxes, call roofer about repairs, make a card.

I managed to feed the cats and make salmon and a card! The "thank you" was part of an ad I received in the mail just in time for the Clean-And-Simple challenge at Splitcoaststampers: Show Off Your Bling. I used 3 sizes of Fiskars punches (actually named 'bling") to punch through the blue cardstock, backed it with silver metallic c/s, and added a jewel in each center. Simple as can be.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Little Lily and Little Falls

I almost forgot to post this photo (above). It was taken last week when I walked around the lake to see the "creature". Gorgeous and cute, isn't it? I may just have to plant some of these!
Last Sunday was the Robinson family picnic at Minnehaha Falls. C and I had been here a few weeks earlier and saw only a dry creek bed, but a nice rain two nights before the picnic gave us back the Falls, at least temporarily.

That's all for now. I'm woefully behind on my card-making, so expect some more photos soon.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy 40th!!

I sent this card to my "cousin-in-law", JM, who turned 40 on Sunday. Hope you had a great day, JM! The card was made with no stamps - just patterned paper and plain cardstock, with a PC-printed word. I roughed up some edges and sanded in places, punched the cake out of glitter c/s, and attached to a pre-made tag. The poem inside is an original by me!

On this, your 40th birthday,
If you should happen to hear:
“Over-the-hill” or “past his prime”,
Remember, JM, dear:

It’s not the number of candles
Upon your birthday cake
That predicts the path or direction
The rest of your life will take.

That depends on what you do
With the wisdom you have gained
And how your many experiences help
Your dreams to be attained.

So relax and enjoy your birthday,
Have your cake and ice cream too,
Blow out those candles and make a wish:
I’ll be thinking of you.

Lake Creature

Saturday morning I finally remembered to take my camera along when I walked around the lake. I knew there was a "creature" who hung out on the east side near the shore, but never had my camera to capture her "on film" (er, on memory card - guess the term "on film" will soon be obsolete).
I was a bit concerned that she'd be gone. According to the website,, the sculpture will be moving from lake to lake in Minneapolis, and August first might have been a good moving date.

But I was relieved to see she (it's a she according to artist Cameron Gainer) was still hanging out. If you can, take a walk to the east side of Lake Harriet to see our own "Nessie" (nickname for the Loch Ness monster), and then go to the website and enter the nicknaming contest. There are already a lot of Harrys and such, but I chose "Axel" or maybe "Carmen" for the characters on the kids TV I watched growing up. (Click on any picture to enlarge it).
[Edit: As of the August 30 - first time I noticed - the Lake Creature has moved to another lake.]