Tuesday, August 25, 2009

End Of An Era

You may have seen me write that I've been taking the bus this summer, but I don't believe I told you what happened to my car. (Btw, that peeling-paint wall belongs to my neighbor).

Last April, a week and a half after starting a temp job downtown, the rear axle on my Grand Am broke. I had just made it to work that day, cautiously driving with a strange wobbly feeling that had started in the steering. I called the local repair shop for a tow, they took it to the shop and later informed me of the broken axle (which in turn, broke the brake line, thankfully AFTER the tow) and the repair costs. As much as I wanted to see the odometer turn over to 200,000 (with less than 7000 miles to reach that goal!), I couldn't afford to fix the axle, not to mention buying the tires it needed or the new alternator. So, I had it towed home, and there it's been sitting until last week when I finally decided to junk it.

As you can see, the body would have needed a bit of work too :) But, it was a really nice car and I will miss driving it. My brother, David, bought it new in 1992, and sold it to me in 2002, making it the newest car I've ever owned (my 1965 Thunderbird was 12 years old when I bought it from Dad, and the 1983 Mercury Marquis was also 12 when I bought it from Mom!).

Now that GM announced the end of its Pontiac division, it really is the end of an era.

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