Monday, August 03, 2009

Lake Creature

Saturday morning I finally remembered to take my camera along when I walked around the lake. I knew there was a "creature" who hung out on the east side near the shore, but never had my camera to capture her "on film" (er, on memory card - guess the term "on film" will soon be obsolete).
I was a bit concerned that she'd be gone. According to the website,, the sculpture will be moving from lake to lake in Minneapolis, and August first might have been a good moving date.

But I was relieved to see she (it's a she according to artist Cameron Gainer) was still hanging out. If you can, take a walk to the east side of Lake Harriet to see our own "Nessie" (nickname for the Loch Ness monster), and then go to the website and enter the nicknaming contest. There are already a lot of Harrys and such, but I chose "Axel" or maybe "Carmen" for the characters on the kids TV I watched growing up. (Click on any picture to enlarge it).
[Edit: As of the August 30 - first time I noticed - the Lake Creature has moved to another lake.]

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