Friday, August 07, 2009

Little Lily and Little Falls

I almost forgot to post this photo (above). It was taken last week when I walked around the lake to see the "creature". Gorgeous and cute, isn't it? I may just have to plant some of these!
Last Sunday was the Robinson family picnic at Minnehaha Falls. C and I had been here a few weeks earlier and saw only a dry creek bed, but a nice rain two nights before the picnic gave us back the Falls, at least temporarily.

That's all for now. I'm woefully behind on my card-making, so expect some more photos soon.


Lisa said...

Beautiful flower.

I miss those Falls -- looks like there's a new bridge there?

cheryl (clee) said...

Hi, L! Nope, the bridge is the same, but I took the photo from a different angle - from the end of the paved area - and the low water probably makes it look odd too.