Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer In September

I had planned to go to the Centennial Lakes Art Fair last weekend, but when I got there, the combination of hot weather and crowds made me change my plans.
Instead, I sat on a swinging bench in the shade, read my current book, and enjoyed the view of the maze, funky metal sculpture, and view across the man-made lake (of a retail building that replaced the movie theater).

The flowers were looking full and well-tended. I believe I've already done a card in these colors, but I may be inspired to make another.

My absence from blogging this past week was due to the heat, but also from the lack of energy that always sets in when I start a new job. Before you get excited (for me), I'm still a temp with AppleOne and I'm still on assignment to Minneapolis Public Housing, but the position has changed. My supervisor in the financial department recommended me to the supervisor in another department who needed someone for a 3-month project. Although the new area basically provides customer (tenant) services (a job for which I'm not suited or trained) I'm still working on analyzing spreadsheets, inputting computer data and some filing when I have time. AND I'm still job-hunting for something with more responsibilty, higher pay and my own desk! I'm in the copier room for the moment :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Your card is in the mail, Cousin Paul, but I couldn't let the day go by without wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope you get to celebrate by doing whatever you really enjoy...or by doing nothing at all (see above for how-to).


I wanted to re-post this card from last May. It was not made with any occasion in mind, but it seems to be appropriate for today, the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Although this is not a serious or controversial blog, it IS a personal journal of sorts, and I can't let the day go by without pausing for a moment to remember that day and thank God I didn't lose any loved ones. I was in London with my oldest nephew (for his high school graduation trip) when we started to hear that something had happened - via talk on the street, a canceled performance (because it was USA-related), and an eerie photo of a single WTC tower with smoke pouring from it. It wasn't until we returned to our hotel later that day that the whole shocking series of events was played on TV before our uncomprehending eyes. We had several days left of our vacation, so the delayed flights home didn't affect us. In fact, we flew home the first day planes were allowed to fly in London. When we landed in Pittsburgh, the passengers gave the pilots a round of applause and we were greeted by airport personnel as if WE had done something heroic.

And maybe we had. We got on those first planes and returned to our homes and lived our lives, because that's what the living must do to honor the departed.

If you have any thoughts or memories of that day, please feel free to share them here.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's Already Tuesday!

Happy Back-To-School day to all you students! And if you're just going back to work after the long weekend, may your day and week be as pleasant as can be. Friday is the last day at my temp job and I'm waiting to hear about my next assignment.

Mom, K and I saw Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Bloomington Civic Theater over the weekend. Only one musical number was familiar to me from the movie of the same name, but I enjoyed all the song and dance routines, along with the humor. After a few scenes, some of the characters elicited laughter just by appearing on stage! This is another play by BCT that will prompt me to add the movie to my Netflix queue.

Although photography isn't allowed, I think I remember enough of the colorful costumes to inspire a card or two. I'll be back later with pics.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another Cosmo Cricket Card

Many more Cosmo Cricket cards will follow, although the nice weather may make it difficult to stay inside and craft. Here is the full view of the sneak peek from a couple days ago. Except for the fancy ribbon-wrap, it's a simple card. The paper and chipboard medallion/flower are from the Early Bird collection (that I won). I added the white chipboard frame with a bit of ink to tone it down, the button, 2 different ribbons, and a clear sticker over the ribbon.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Toast To September!

After my walk around the lake on Sunday, I managed to make a couple cards with the Cosmo Cricket paper pack I won. The chipboard pieces are so much fun to use, and they are self-adhesive - a fact I found out after trying to use double-sided tape and then glue and neither one stuck - I was trying to use adhesives on the slippery peel-off backing! You learn something new every day - if you're lucky :)
I plan to make many different style of cards from the same kit. This one is Clean-And-Simple (CAS). The toast and toaster are popped up with foam tape. I added 2 little pieces of wire for "flying" effect. The banner with border came that way - all I did was cut it out. I printed the sentiment on my PC. It's a simple procedure:
1) type words and select font to match the style of the card
2) print on lightweight plain paper, then place over cardstock or paper to be printed to check size and alignment - repeat this step until you like how it looks
3) use double-sided tape to attach the good paper over the test paper so that the print will be aligned as desired, then send the 2 pieces through the printer. Works 99% of the time - and you get endless custom sentiments in any style or size desired!

Here's a sneak peek of the next card.

Summer Sailing Away

Sunday was a great sailing day at Lake Harriet. Sometimes from my house I can hear a starter pistol go off and I know they are racing boats. Today I heard no starter pistol, but these Park Board sailboats were maneuvering around a course of buoys.
And this lone seagull was floating around like a duck.

I walked through Linden Hills on my way home and spotted this house for sale. I've always liked the front-gate arbor and I believe if I was in the market for a new house, I would buy it just for that! (cousins P and A - did you see this one?)