Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's Already Tuesday!

Happy Back-To-School day to all you students! And if you're just going back to work after the long weekend, may your day and week be as pleasant as can be. Friday is the last day at my temp job and I'm waiting to hear about my next assignment.

Mom, K and I saw Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Bloomington Civic Theater over the weekend. Only one musical number was familiar to me from the movie of the same name, but I enjoyed all the song and dance routines, along with the humor. After a few scenes, some of the characters elicited laughter just by appearing on stage! This is another play by BCT that will prompt me to add the movie to my Netflix queue.

Although photography isn't allowed, I think I remember enough of the colorful costumes to inspire a card or two. I'll be back later with pics.

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