Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer In September

I had planned to go to the Centennial Lakes Art Fair last weekend, but when I got there, the combination of hot weather and crowds made me change my plans.
Instead, I sat on a swinging bench in the shade, read my current book, and enjoyed the view of the maze, funky metal sculpture, and view across the man-made lake (of a retail building that replaced the movie theater).

The flowers were looking full and well-tended. I believe I've already done a card in these colors, but I may be inspired to make another.

My absence from blogging this past week was due to the heat, but also from the lack of energy that always sets in when I start a new job. Before you get excited (for me), I'm still a temp with AppleOne and I'm still on assignment to Minneapolis Public Housing, but the position has changed. My supervisor in the financial department recommended me to the supervisor in another department who needed someone for a 3-month project. Although the new area basically provides customer (tenant) services (a job for which I'm not suited or trained) I'm still working on analyzing spreadsheets, inputting computer data and some filing when I have time. AND I'm still job-hunting for something with more responsibilty, higher pay and my own desk! I'm in the copier room for the moment :)

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Lisa said...

Wow - how pretty! I haven't been there in awhile. Fun to be inspired to create wherever you go ~ a true artist!