Monday, October 19, 2009

Will Steger

A couple weekends ago, Mom and I went to see Will Steger give a presentation on climate change. For some reason (since I'm not YET a senior), I had received an invitation in the mail from Walker Methodist Senior Center. Seating was free, so I asked Mom to come along and we were treated to an interesting slide show depicting some of Will's recent and past adventures.

He is one of the few people on earth who has actually witnessed the effects of climate change on the North Pole. For example, expeditions now must include kayaks to cross open water where there was solid ice not so many years ago. He also spoke of growing up in Richfield and how he became a teacher and explorer.
The invitation I'd received was put into a drawing and I won a "Global Warming 101" tote bag (my winning streak continues)! After the presentation, we were treated to hors d' oeuvres in the dining room and it was more than just cheese and crackers: smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, a selection of desserts, and coffee/apple cider. We had never been to the Walker Center before, and it was certainly a wonderful way to visit the place.


Lisa said...

I followed his international expedition to Antarctica with my students during my first year of teaching - 1989-90! It's fun to remember how we tracked the voyage. I run into Will Steger's sister (a fellow homeschooling mom) occasionally at the local library. When I learned she was Will Steger's sister, she was an instant celebrity in my eyes!

cheryl (clee') said...

I wish I had done that - tracked his voyage. Cool "local celebrity" sighting, Lisa. Speaking of the 1980s, stay tuned for a post about Hong Kong!