Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy November

Ready or not, November's here. With Thanksgiving and my birthday, it's one of my favorite months (I think September is still my #1). It's also my brother David's birthday AND it would have been Dad's 90th! I'm still planning on a special post that day (the 28th).
But I couldn't leave October without posting these photos of the glorious leaf colors near the Southdale Hennepin County Library. Someone really knew what they were doing when they planted the varieties of trees and bushes that produce this yearly display.
My reading "binge" that started last spring has taken me to this library more times in a few months than in all the previous five - or ten - years. So, not only has reading taken me to imaginary places (and real places I can only imagine), it has lead me to revisit some real places with new scenes to enjoy and photograph. Nice how that works.
Timing is everything. With all the rainy and cloudy days we've had, it was a wonderful coincidence that the day I made the bus trip after work to the library was sunny AND still daylight savings time.
If I'd waited until a weekend when I do most of my errands, I might have missed the peak color. Most of these leaves are gone now and most of the light will also be gone when I get home from work tonight. But it was a treat to walk to my bus stop in the daylight this morning.

I don't mind the early sunset at all. It's my signal to start the indoor projects. In fact, while I was giving out candy to the trick-and-treaters on Saturday night, I boxed up all the books from one bookshelf in my "library", so I can get serious about wallpaper-stripping/painting.

The final photo is of a business across the street from where I'm working. Wow!

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