Friday, January 15, 2010

Year-End Wrap Up

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I'm a couple of weeks overdue, but I've been on an unplanned blogging break due to a pesky sinus-allergy condition that hit me just before Christmas. At least I was able to enjoy "A Tuna Christmas", a play put on by the Bloomington Civic Theater. David and Kim took Mom and I to see it the weekend before the holiday, and we stopped by the art gallery before the show to see this exhibit:
As a collector, I was immediately intrigued by this show. What fun to CREATE artifacts instead of having to dig for them. What better way to display small objects than old printer's type boxes?
Repeat, repeat, repeat. Stop.

Wrap in mystery.
Lighten up and laugh a little.
Mesmerize. (See the mouse)

My favorite exhibit so far. And the play was hilarious. "A Tuna Christmas" was set in Tuna, Texas and had 20 roles - men AND women - all played by just two men who changed costumes and characters quicker than I can type "costume and characters". A wonderful time was had by all! Thanks again, D&K.


Lisa said...

This reminds me of the Chinese emperor who buried all the soldier statues to accompany him to the next life! The were found in neat little rows. Glad you could go and have a good laugh! It's good medecine and we should all have a good laugh regularly! I'm glad you are feeling better, too.

cheryl (clee') said...

Yes, the cats in rows do look like the rows of terra cotta soldiers - I wonder if the artist was inspired by them?