Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's - Daffodilly - Day

Last year year's April Fool's joke was SNOW. Today it was 80!

I actually spotted these daffodils on my walk home from the grocery store yesterday.

And the scilla in my front yard are multiplying a bit every year.

Nephew G will be 27 on Sunday. I made him this super simple card with one piece of folded designer cardstock and stars punched out of a coordinating pattern and attached with foam tape. The sentiment is a sticker attached to vellum and then to the card.

And Zane Grey and Harlequin (Zane and Harley) are 12 years old today (a fact I know because a co-worker came to work - 2nd shift - with the news that her cat had had kittens that day).

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