Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope your day was beautiful, whatever the weather. Our Minneapolis weather was perfect April temperatures and no rain. Mom and I walked from my house to the Edina Grill for brunch with the sibs.
It's been too many years to count since I dyed Easter eggs. I decided to start with just basic dying; nothing fancy like wax resist or marbling. Each bowl contained one color tablet dissolved in vinegar (for the brightest hues according to the package).

I started with a few primary colors, then mixed one dye with another to get the secondaries. It was very easy except for the pink dye which didn't seem to stick (I was able to wipe off all the dye and begin again).

I used a wire office basket as a drying rack. When the eggs were dry, I shredded some newspaper for an Easter basket. I was happy with the pretty colors.

And I couldn't resist arranging the eggs into a color wheel before putting them away in the refrigerator.



Lisa said...

Oh, how beautiful! Are you sure you didn't scan a page from a Martha Stewart magazine to post this?!! What fun and I'm glad you had a great Easter...I like that Edina Grill :)

cheryl (clee') said...

Thanks, Lisa. I thought of you and Jose' and Maggiano's - the brunch at Edina Grill was family style. We ate plenty - but did not take any home :)

Courtney K said...

oh, those colorful eggs look so awesome displayed like that!