Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day

Cubby likes Tax Day - it means papers get filed, files get moved, and he (temporarily at least) gets a new nap spot.

Tulips opened in my potted bulb garden. It was a complete surprise because I never knew what bulbs were included.

Maybe someday I'll have an outdoor garden that looks this good

The little scene below is one I've passed hundreds of times on my way back from Lake Harriet. But last Sunday as I walked by, looking for something to photograph for my "Tuesdays Around Town", I looked at it with fresh eyes and it reminded me of those narrow passageways in some old European towns. Maybe that means I'm feeling the travel bug again, but it doesn't take much to catch that feeling! It's been two years since Mom, C and I were in Hawaii and four years since AJ and I went to Savannah.
Maybe it's time for a mini-trip.

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