Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesdays Around Town - Stone Arch Festival Of The Arts

I'm a week late with this post: the Stone Arch Festival was held on Father's Day. But here are a few photos I took of the annual event.

Strolling art-lovers (above), downtown Minneapolis across the Mississippi (below). The white tent covers one of several music stages.

More views across the river - the Guthrie is on the far left; the Mill City Museum is the broken wall just to the right of grain elevator (above).

The Stone Arch Bridge (above), and my view walking back toward Main Street - as in St Anthony Main (below).

After our day at the festival, my brother C, my nephews and I ate at Pizza Luce. The waiter took our photo, but it was out of focus, so I used my photo software to "cartoon" it. Looks better than the original! And a little bonus (below): Nephew B showing off some previously unknown-to-me skills!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary, L and J!

Cancelled stamps make great ephemera for use on cards, but what about the leftover 40-stamp booklet cover? I couldn't resist making this king-and-queen-of-hearts booklet into a card for my cousin L and her husband, who have been married 20 years today! The red mat is another advertising freebie that I corner-punched with hearts (of course). Then, I used a decorative edge punch on the base of the card and layered a bit of blue and orange underneath.

I think I'll take a closer look at all my stamp booklets from now on. Their variety make them a great starting point for many different styles of cards and a fun challenge to find and use coordinating punches.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All That Glitters

Next week a certain nephew will be 23 on the 23rd - his "golden birthday". So, I made him an all-gold card. It wasn't hard to make the card, but it was a bit difficult to photograph it!
Hopefully, the different angles give you the full picture. I used as many different gold papers as I had. Most of them came from the insides of envelopes. The very bottom paper is gift wrap. The moon is vellum that, when adhered to the gold textured cardstock, took on a nice moon-like appearance.

The tree foliage started out as a simple shape punched from yellow glitter cardstock. It seemed a bit too bright and not enough gold, so I colored over it with a gold metallic marker and punched some mini holes in it. The sentiment is "all that glitters is not gold"... The inside says "except your golden birthday". Think he'll like it?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays Around Town - Como Park Zoo

Sunday was the perfect day to visit Como Park Zoo: not too hot, not too cold, and no rain while we were there. Mom, C and I went to see the new polar bear exhibit that opened June 3rd. But it seemed far too long since we had seen the rest of the animals, so we took a leisurely walk around. The bison appeared to be molting.
The polar bears are brothers: Buzz and Neil. One was asleep and one was awake...not sure which is which. This one was pacing back and forth. We had a closer view of him from inside the new exhibit building.

The other brother was napping. Cute........but huge!

His head was right next to a window [below] where we were able to get THIS close!

There was a brief training show, during which the zoo attendant fed one polar bear sticks of lard and demonstrated how he opens his mouth or raises his paw to make exams easier.

Caribbean and Chilean flamingoes (and a duck)

Beautiful lioness. The male lion was inside putting on a show by pacing and rubbing his head up against the glass, to the delight of children and adults.

Pair of giraffes.

Two by two: black crowned cranes leading Grants zebras toward us.

Three lesser kudus, resting

One of a pair of ostriches

Western lowland gorilla

Spider monkey

Geoffrey's tamarin above and emperor tamarin below: full-sized mustache on a miniature primate

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesdays Around Town - Brackett Park

Here's a blast from the past, at least for me and my brothers. Our Grandpa R used to live close to this park and we would walk less than a block from his house through a tunnel under the train tracks to get there.

There was a child's shallow pool where we would practice holding our breath while swimming underwater. But the rocket was the main attraction - a '60s version of a jungle gym. It was firmly secured to the ground, sans wires, when we were kids.

The pool is gone and the rocket was scheduled for removal, but neighborhood sentiment led to the rocket being turned into a sculpture instead. The streaming wires and the way the spaceship is tilted work well to give a sense of movement. I guess nothing lasts forever and it would have been fun to climb to the top one more time (if I could still fit!), but at least a memory has been preserved for a few more generations.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Nine Roses Birthday

I used a familiar sketch to design a card for my sister-in-law whose birthday is tomorrow. This time I used more pastel colors. The rose punch is by Anna Griffin; I love the detail! The definition sticker was adhered over shimmery ribbon.
Happy Birthday, K!