Sunday, October 17, 2010

Up North Part 2

I'm back with some more North Shore photos. As C and I walked from Gooseberry Falls to Lake Superior, we passed another CCC project - a small pumphouse - at the end of the river. The Gooseberry River (below) was calm, reflecting the waning autumn colors.
The sign describes a sunken barge that is a popular diving site.

C and I had just debated whether Lake Superior was the largest freshwater lake in the world - and this sign confirms it: by surface. A lake in Russia is larger by volume.

I patiently waited to capture the surf pounding against this boulder. I love having an ocean-like body of water within a couple hours drive of home.

After hiking down a narrow path to the lake, we were surprised to see this building with a "reserved for private party" sign outside! Before we had a chance to wonder how the beautiful table settings and cake were transported from the visitor's parking lot, we rounded the building and came upon another parking lot and the road that led between the two! As we started to walk back along the road, feeling ourselves on a slight incline, a shuttle bus driver asked us if we wanted a ride! The drive back to our starting point took only a couple of minutes. The free shuttle bus would be an option for another visit if we wanted to spend more time down along the beach.

Then it was on to Split Rock Lighthouse a few miles away. We arrived after the lighthouse tours had ended, but were still able to take photos as the sun went down...and with fewer people to shoot around!

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