Friday, February 25, 2011

Things That Inspire Thursdays

Last week I got the idea to make these mini notebooks from a blog I regularly read (Caroleish).  The pages are made with single sheet of 12 x 12" paper, cut in such a way that you can fold it, origami-style into pages.  These are 2 x 2" books!  With cardboard and patterned cardstock, I made the covers and inserted the pages inside with a bit of glue along the spine.  I glued on a metal label to each. 
The pages could also be left attached at just the ends for an expanding mini portfolio.   I gave the books to Cousin SM and Cousin-In-Law AF for their February birthdays.   
A few days later, one of my co-workers gave me this little bottle of hand cleaner.  Aside from the heavenly lavender scent, I was immediately drawn to the color combo of the label against the bottle. 
I went right home and made this card.  Although it's not necessary to COPY the inspiring item, in this case, I knew I wanted to TRY the colors and proportions at least once, before jumping off in another direction.  Later this weekend, I will do just that - do a more liberal interpretation of the design. 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesdays Around Town - City of Lakes Loppet

Brief captions until I add more later:  Lake of The Isles lumineria trail for cross-county skiing and snow-shoeing 
The forest with hanging lanterns.
Lumineria arrangement.
Interior of a giant lumineria
(Above and below) Various sizes of lumineria

Snow sculpture of Loch Isles Monster?


(Above) Ice pyramid

Monday, February 07, 2011

February Cards and Tags

Over the weekend, I made some gift tags for cousins who turned 8 and 3.  Using the same color for the "shadow" of each number made it easy to cut all three numbers at once from a single sheet of cardstock on my Cricut machine.  I varied the patterns of the numbers themselves, and added the cat and dog cut-outs from scraps of one of the wrapping papers. 

The birthday card for another cousin started life as a 3x3" card that I received in a swap a few years ago.  I attached the front and back of the mini card to a regular sized card and added the ribbon and buttons on the right side to match the left.  The mini card had stamped circles, so I inked up a larger circle stamp to make a coordinating background. 

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January Cards

My first cards of the year were Thank-You cards for Christmas gifts and events.  I had the idea to use a red, white and black color scheme, but the striped pre-glittered cardstock that I chose worked better with a pink oval than red, so that's what I went with (paper-punched oval of glitter cardstock) .  This is a more organic approach to card-making or any design, as opposed to the final design being exactly as one envisions.  Neither way is better, just different.

The large chipboard letters gave me the idea to find different words for "thank you", since there weren't enough "Ts" to make the nine cards I needed.  The black chipboard is printed with white flocked leaves. I used black and white patterned paper with either numbers (like years) or New Year-themed words.
Some cardmakers dislike making too many of the same card, but I like the assembly line process after the design comes together.  The rest of each word was printed on vellum from my PC.  
The tree card was made for my friend AJ and her husband - for their 30th wedding anniversary!  I made sure to punch 30 glittered hearts, and I attached them to an oval cut with my new Cricut.  I have scalloped oval paperpunches that work well as tree-top shapes, but this Cricut shape is a little looser and more natural. 
The base of the tree is a paperpunch, from which I removed a few branches, and the top corners of striped background are also punched.  All three "loves" are stickers, and the grass is more glitter cardstock.
The last card for my friend TLD's birthday started out as a Moxie Fab challenge card that I never submitted.  The theme of the challenge was "Grey is the New Black", and I was excited when the hunt through my paper stock yielded these coordinating grey patterned cardstocks.
For the center frame, I cut a piece of textured cardstock to fit a chipboard frame that came in the exact shape as shown (with serrated edges). I added a plastic sheet over the window and filled the "shaker box" with confetti and beads. The box is formed with doublestick tape to give it height.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesdays Around Town - Winter Carnival 125

It was a good weekend to check out the 125th St Paul Winter Carnival:  not too cold and so warm that the ice sculptures would melt.  The largest ice sculpture this year or any other year was the wall with "125 Years" carved along the top.  There were too many people in front of it to get a good photo - but it was very long with clear panels embedded with pictures of past Carnival highlights.

You can see more of the wall behind this jester/tree/snowshoe grouping.

"125" in Roman numerals, along with other Winter Carnival symbols.
I think these were the Winter Carnival Medallions from different years.
C on an ice throne.  I posed for a photo myself...I'll update later with more pics.