Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January Cards

My first cards of the year were Thank-You cards for Christmas gifts and events.  I had the idea to use a red, white and black color scheme, but the striped pre-glittered cardstock that I chose worked better with a pink oval than red, so that's what I went with (paper-punched oval of glitter cardstock) .  This is a more organic approach to card-making or any design, as opposed to the final design being exactly as one envisions.  Neither way is better, just different.

The large chipboard letters gave me the idea to find different words for "thank you", since there weren't enough "Ts" to make the nine cards I needed.  The black chipboard is printed with white flocked leaves. I used black and white patterned paper with either numbers (like years) or New Year-themed words.
Some cardmakers dislike making too many of the same card, but I like the assembly line process after the design comes together.  The rest of each word was printed on vellum from my PC.  
The tree card was made for my friend AJ and her husband - for their 30th wedding anniversary!  I made sure to punch 30 glittered hearts, and I attached them to an oval cut with my new Cricut.  I have scalloped oval paperpunches that work well as tree-top shapes, but this Cricut shape is a little looser and more natural. 
The base of the tree is a paperpunch, from which I removed a few branches, and the top corners of striped background are also punched.  All three "loves" are stickers, and the grass is more glitter cardstock.
The last card for my friend TLD's birthday started out as a Moxie Fab challenge card that I never submitted.  The theme of the challenge was "Grey is the New Black", and I was excited when the hunt through my paper stock yielded these coordinating grey patterned cardstocks.
For the center frame, I cut a piece of textured cardstock to fit a chipboard frame that came in the exact shape as shown (with serrated edges). I added a plastic sheet over the window and filled the "shaker box" with confetti and beads. The box is formed with doublestick tape to give it height.


Lisa said...

These are beautiful! You have been busy! My papercrafting supplies are getting dusty and I need all the inspiration I can get! :)

Jimio said...

Very Innovative and Imaginative work. Your Ideas are simple yet elegant and beautiful. A joy to see.