Friday, February 25, 2011

Things That Inspire Thursdays

Last week I got the idea to make these mini notebooks from a blog I regularly read (Caroleish).  The pages are made with single sheet of 12 x 12" paper, cut in such a way that you can fold it, origami-style into pages.  These are 2 x 2" books!  With cardboard and patterned cardstock, I made the covers and inserted the pages inside with a bit of glue along the spine.  I glued on a metal label to each. 
The pages could also be left attached at just the ends for an expanding mini portfolio.   I gave the books to Cousin SM and Cousin-In-Law AF for their February birthdays.   
A few days later, one of my co-workers gave me this little bottle of hand cleaner.  Aside from the heavenly lavender scent, I was immediately drawn to the color combo of the label against the bottle. 
I went right home and made this card.  Although it's not necessary to COPY the inspiring item, in this case, I knew I wanted to TRY the colors and proportions at least once, before jumping off in another direction.  Later this weekend, I will do just that - do a more liberal interpretation of the design. 

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