Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesdays Around Town - Fort Snelling State Park

Nothing like temps in the 70s and a free day at Fort Snelling State Park to make us forget about the 99 and 103 degrees of the past week.  On Saturday, Mom and I parked the car in the lot beneath the Mendota Bridge and set off on a walk.  The free day applied to all Minnesota State Parks and Ft Snelling is the closest.

The first thing I spotted was this small (half inch?), bright green beetle that flew in front of us on the path.  According to my web search, it is a six-spotted tiger beetle without any spots.  There was a matching photo at www.dpughphoto.com/beetles.htm
The flowers above look a bit like phlox, but are called Dame's Rocket - the difference is that phlox has 5 flowers.  The white flowers below look a lot like my "mock-orange" bush at home, but the leaves are geranium-like.  An internet photo identified it as Canada Anemone (look close to the right of the flower - I captured a dragonfly).

The flowers above were on the tree below - wonderfully fragrant even at a distance.  Mom thought it might be a Russian olive...my internet search confirmed that.

We stopped at the visitor center for a break before leaving - and found free cake and lemonade in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Park (1961).

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Ida said...

Beautiful photo's. I saw your post on Anna's blog (Sweet Miss Daisy) about your bug and just had to pop in and see it. What a gorgeous green color. Thanks for sharing.